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Titanic: Jack and Rose

Hi Everybody, this is Dana, the webmaster of Titanic: Jack and Rose. Well, as most of you regular visitors know, there hasn't been an update on this page in a LONG time. I just don't have time anymore...I run other websites and I have a Josh Jackson newsletter now...if you're interested in Dawson's Creek, email me at and lemme know!
And everyone, sorry about this, but I won't update this page anymore. The sounds are all screwed up because FortuneCity canceled an account I had for sounds...cause they found out I was just linking to files. (cause I couldnt ever get in to edit a page!!) Oh well. Everyone, enjoy Titanic: Jack and Rose as it'll be that way forever. I don't wanna completely erase the page because it was a lot of work and you can still enjoy it...I guess I'll link you to my old sounds page now...sorry guys!

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I am also in NO WAY affiliated with Titanic, I am simply a fan! I am NOT Kate Winslet. Please do not mistake me for her. Do not send me email thinking that I am her...PLEASE! But, I am in no way affiliated with Titanic, I am just a HUGE fan! Thank-you. Again, DO NOT SEND ME EMAIL directed towards Kate Winslet, Leo or anyone affiliated with Titanic b/c I am not! Thanx again.