The Story of Titanic: Ship of Dreams

The Story of Titanic

'Titanic' is a story of love,sorrow, great tragedy, and life.

A first-class, highly poised, melancholy girl, Rose DeWitt Bukater, goes aboard TITANIC seeing it as a 'slave ship.' For everyone else, it was 'The Ship of Dreams' , but to Rose, it was torture.

Jack Dawson, a poor 20 year old man, traveling on tramp steamers and such, wins his ticket aboard TITANIC in a lucky hand of poker. "A very lucky hand." He considers himself one of the luckiest sons-of-bitches alive. Rose takes her ticket aboard TITANIC for granted, while Jack is "the king of the world."

Jack and Rose live in totally different worlds. Jack's world being take the day as it comes. Rose's world is full of parties and cotillions, full of the same narrow people and the same mindless chatter. Rose at first being a narrow person herself.

Jack and Rose meet in a very awkward way. Because of Rose's unhappy life, she goes to the back of the ship, going over the rail. Jack is on the deck having a smoke when Rose runs by his bench crying. Jack follows her and uses "reverse psychology" to get her to come back over the rail. But while coming back over the rail, Rose trips on her long beaded dress and she is hanging from the back of the majestic TITANIC. Jack saves her, but Caledon Hockley and his "man", Spicer Lovejoy see it as something else, but Rose tells them that it was an accident and Jack is released from his handcuffs.

Jack is invited to a lovely, first class dinner, for his rescue. Jack then realizes that he is too involved then and confronts Rose, telling her she is amazing and that he wants to be sure that she's gonna be okay. She says she is, but she changes her mind and goes back to him.

From then on, they run from peeping eyes, ship crew members, and flooding waters. Jack saves Rose "in everyway a person can be saved."

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