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New pics added March 24, 1998! The * next to the link indicates that the picture is new as of March 24. The * will be before the picture's link. Hope you all enjoy!
I put these pictures in as good of order of the movie as I could, but there is a lot of them so it might not be exactly correct. Hope you enjoy.

[ A Titanic Poster ] [ Another Titanic Poster ] [ The Majestic TITANIC ]

*[ A Foreign Titanic Poster ]

*[ One of my Fav Jack and Rose ] [ Jack Dawson ]

*[ One of my FAVS of Jack ] [ Jack playing Poker ]

[ Jack Upclose ] [ Rose DeWitt Bukater ] [ Caledon Hockley ]

[ Brock Lovett ] [ Rose Boarding Titanic ] [ Jack Running to Board]

[ Another Jack ] [ Another Rose ] [ Rose At the Railing ] *[ Jack and Fabrizio ]

[ Rose Standing ] [ Jack on Deck ] [ Rose Crying ]

[ Looking at Jack's Drawings ] [ Jack Greeting Rose ]

[ Walking on the Stairs ] [ Jack Escorting ] *[ Jack and Rose walking to Dinner ]

[ Jack in a Tux ] [ Sneaking a Note ]

[ Dancing in Steerage ]

[ Dancing Close (one of my favs!) ] [ A Close Moment ] [ "Flying" ]

[ Still Flying ] [ Staring Jack ] [ Jack's Awesome Eyes ]

[ Rose Looking at Jack While being Drawn ] [ Looking at Drawing ]

[ Jack's drawing of Rose ] [ Kissing in the Famous Car ]

*[ Jack and Rose Hug on Deck ] [ Rose talking to Mr. Andrews ]

[ Reaching to each other ]

[ Lowering a Lifeboat ] [ Running through the Water ] [ Embrace ]

[ Promise me... ] [ Jack! There's a boat, Jack! JACK!!! ::sniff:: ]

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NOTE: These pictures were gathered from all over the internet, with no intent of breaking copyright laws, including the official page at www.titanicmovie.com. If you have not been there, make sure to make a visit for much more info on the movie and the real TITANIC.

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