Titanic Soundtrack

~~T I T A N I C Soundtrack~~

  1. Never An Absolution

  2. Distant Memories

  3. Southampton

  4. ~*ROSE*~ ("flying" scene : )

  5. Leaving Port

  6. "Take Her To Sea, Mr. Murdoch"

  7. "Hard To Starboard"

  8. Unable To Stay, Unwilling To Leave

  9. The Sinking

  10. Death Of TITANIC

  11. A Promise Kept

  12. A Life So Changed

  13. An Ocean of Memories

  14. My Heart Will Go On (LOVE THEME from TITANIC) performed by Celine Dion

  15. Hymn To The Sea

    If you don't have the Titanic Soundtrack I really suggest that you get it NOW!!! It is the best soundtrack...really relaxing and it will definitely bring you tears! It's a must have!

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