My Titanic Review

My Review of the

"Best Movie of the Century"

First of all, I'd like to say the reason I put the picture of Jack and Rose above is because that is one of my favorite pictures of the star-crossed lovers. I just love it.

Well, how should I start? I would like to say that I am sick and tired of the bad reviews that I have seen for this marvelous movie. I'd like to see those who are criticizing every little detail of this movie do what James Cameron did to accomplish such a film. What he has done to give this film to us is greater than any other film director I believe. He most definitely deserves the credit and attention that he is getting for this motion picture.

Four stars is definitely what I give the film Titanic.

My reasons? Well I'll tell you in the following review.

I dunno if I can quite call this a review because I'm not going to get so critical about historical details or goofs in the film itself. Basically, since I love the movie so much it's gonna be mostly positive stuff.

The way Titanic starts sets the mood for the whole film. It starts with the deep dive to the real wreck of Titanic. This made me feel the compassion for the people that died aboard the Titanic on April 15, 1912. It set that eerie and mysterious feeling in my mind and I just wanted to see what would happen next.

When Jack and Rose come into the picture, James Cameron did a great job at showing the differences in their "worlds." Rose DeWitt Bukater lives in a high-class, narrow world who seem to only recognize people that have a lot of money. On the other hand, Jack Dawson lives on the by day. He takes life as it comes at him. Jack wins his ticket aboard the largest object ever made by man, back then, Titanic in hand of poker. "A very lucky hand." But, Rose DeWitt Bukater takes her ticket for granted. She sees Titanic as a slave ship. Taking her back to America "in chains."

The way that Cameron has their worlds "collide" made me realize just how much Rose needed Jack in her life to "save her" from her mother, Ruth DeWitt Bukater, and her fiancee, Caledon Hockley. Rose was trapped in a world where she felt like she was "screaming in the middle of a crowded room and no one even looks up."

Cameron did an awesome job at making me feel the compassion for and Rose for her rich, but miserable life. It just made me realize, that money is not everything at all!

About Camerons effort to create the huge TITANIC. What a job. Even though most of the beautiful ship was recreated digitally it never looked fake to me. The only thing that I could tell one time is I saw one crew member somewhat "floating." It was a long distance shot though. But other than that, the digital smoke, water, and ship looked plain amazing to me.

The way Jim Cameron created these characters, especially Jack and Rose, made me want to reach in the movie and make things great for them. As if to change the fate of Titanic so they could be together. Also, to get rid of Rose's displeasant and very unthankful mother, Ruth, and her arrogant and cruel "fiancee" Caledon Hockley. The feelings I felt toward Jack and Rose when I saw this movie (every 4 times) was and isunforgettable. I can't ever forget it.

Once the ship hit the iceberg on the starboard side, everything settled in. After going through the few great days that Jack and Rose had together, I realized that their togetherness is going to be jeopardized. Their love, although, will never, ever end. I don't want to go too much into the ending and the conclusion to this great story of tragedy, sorrow and overall love, but I just want to say that this movie touched me in the way that no other movie has and probably never will.

If you have not seen it (which I hope you have after reading this), please get out to a theater today and catch a showing of this wonderful film. Before it slips out of theaters. (hopefully not for awhile) Even if you have seen it, why not see it again? The 2nd time I saw it was, I hate to say it, better. Don't think that's possible? Well, it is. Not only was it better, but the tears flowed so much more.

I'm thinking of putting up other people's thoughts and reviews of the movie onto my page, but I don't know how that will work out. If you would like to click here to email me your thoughts about the movie, a mini-review perhaps. Depending on how many people send me something, will depend on if I post your thoughts or not. It will also depend on the time I have. Thanks for your cooperation.